First getting into Lagos Portugal I made my first purchase at 11am just getting off the train station. When you walk off and cross over the marina there are tons of stands that create a flea market that lines the canal. Olivia and I came here everyday. The two biggest pieces that I purchased and … Continue reading Portugal



While my family was here visiting I finally had an excuse to go to Versailles. I can't believe I haven't been yet since I have been studying in Paris! I have been holding out to go with my family especially since the weather now is much better to go especially for the gardens. While there … Continue reading Versailles

Easter in Amsterdam

Easter Sunday is one of my sister and I's favorite holidays to dress up for. For many years we would always spend our Easters at the shore or with family often in Lilly Pulitzer prints. This year we were celebrating in Amsterdam. We spent the day traveling from the South of France to Amsterdam.  While … Continue reading Easter in Amsterdam