Say It Loud

It felt as though in the past few years large branding or logos on tshirts and slowly faded out. Now though since the fall there has been a noticeable amount of words pasted on shirts.  The graphic tee is a huge hit in today's fashion. Whether it be a brand plastered across or some phrase … Continue reading Say It Loud


Who’s Jeans?

For the past few years jeans have gone from skinny jeans to a more relaxed fit. The two biggest trends today are the boyfriend jeans and the mom jeans. Both very different than the right low rise skinny jeans I grew up wearing. These are normally high waisted and loose fitting and can sometimes -especially … Continue reading Who’s Jeans?

Fashion Photo Shoot

Today in mass media class we had the opportunity to explore what we have been learning and have a fashion photo shoot of our own. We decided to really look at contrast as our focus. The fashion objects were our clothes and we wanted to make it minimal and simple so that we had contrast with … Continue reading Fashion Photo Shoot