The past two weekends have been one of the biggest fashion and music events in the United States. Coachella is a festival similar to what Woodstock used to be. Today many fashion blogggers and influencers appear at Coachella to team with different brands to show off some spring trends and styles. Every year Coachella defines … Continue reading Coachella


Night Out

While living in Paris my roommates and I have found one style that is very different compared to ours. That is outfits to wear out at night. As college students in America we wear whatever we want out but once we came to Paris it was very different. We would be going out with girls … Continue reading Night Out

Spring Juxtaposition 

A trend that has been occurring since the winter and is moving quickly into spring wardrobes is the idea of juxtaposition and mixing different pieces that wouldn't normally be worn together. First is the trend of socks with heels which started in the summer and I have noticed is steadily moving into spring on the … Continue reading Spring Juxtaposition