First getting into Lagos Portugal I made my first purchase at 11am just getting off the train station. When you walk off and cross over the marina there are tons of stands that create a flea market that lines the canal. Olivia and I came here everyday. The two biggest pieces that I purchased and that were very popular were loose beach clothing and accessories madd out of cork.Olivia and I both bought three pairs of pants for ourselves and a pair four our sisters. They are light material with a cotton band around the waist. they come in a variety of colors as well as patterns. We bourg got tie dye pairs as well as plain solid colored ones. They also came in different styles where you could get them with the classic elastic at the ankle, flowy with no elastic, or open down the sides. 

There was also a ton of cork accessories in these markets. They had purses backpacks and all sorts of little bags. For my mom and I, I bought little clutch sized pouches that are perfect for summer. The cork was everywhere through town and it was something so different and unique. 


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