While my family was here visiting I finally had an excuse to go to Versailles. I can’t believe I haven’t been yet since I have been studying in Paris! I have been holding out to go with my family especially since the weather now is much better to go especially for the gardens.

While there I noticed a lot of inspiration for fashion. I was originally inspired by the idea that Marie Antoinette was such a fashion idol. From my classes abroad in fashion I have realized her powerful pull in fashion during her time. As well I always was astonished at the fact that almost none of her wardrobe survived.

While walking around Versailles I couldn’t but connect it to some major trends today. My absolute favorite room was the hall of mirrors. This I could see resembled in chandelier earings. Also I noticed a great amount of detail in everything. The embroidery as well as gold and silver details and overlapping different materials. This also leads into the beautiful patterns decorating every room which really drove as an inspiration. Finally the gardens really inspired me to think about florals. Subtle colors with lots of greenery in a pattern on a summer dress is something that would absolutely remind me of Versailles.


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