Who’s Jeans?

For the past few years jeans have gone from skinny jeans to a more relaxed fit. The two biggest trends today are the boyfriend jeans and the mom jeans. Both very different than the right low rise skinny jeans I grew up wearing. These are normally high waisted and loose fitting and can sometimes -especially for mom jeans- be vintage. 
Some of my favorite boyfriend jeans at from One Teaspoon. they are pricy but a great quality and have a wide variety as well as also having great jean shorts in the same style and relaxed fit. For mom jeans the way to go is vintage. Ask your mom for a pair or go to a local thrift store. If you don’t have any luck then head over to Urban Outfitters and buy a pair from their repurposed line where they have tons of old Levi’s for sale in every wash. 
One of my favorite things about these jeans are how easy they are to wear with anything. You can pair them with a tshirt and flip flops for a summer day or booties and a sweater for cold weather. One of my favorite looks is dressing them up. Pairing these jeans with a pair of heels and a blazer is a great casual but nice look that is easy to wear to dinner or night out. 

Photo credit: Pinterest, personal photos


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