Night Out

While living in Paris my roommates and I have found one style that is very different compared to ours. That is outfits to wear out at night. As college students in America we wear whatever we want out but once we came to Paris it was very different. We would be going out with girls probably younger than us in fur coats, stilettos, and extravagant party dresses.

Our first week in Paris we tried to find these outfits for cheap and found it to be quite hard. We settled for many dresses from Zara and shoes from BHV.

Some of our favorite looks are the two strap ankle heels and the over the knee boots. For jackets we have found we love the furs but they are way out of our price range so we have been able to finish our outfits off with leather jackets. Below are some of the photos we use for inspiration when looking for outfits for going out as well as some of our own outfits from nights out this semester in Paris.


photo credit : personal photos, Pinterest



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