Fashion Photo Shoot

Today in mass media class we had the opportunity to explore what we have been learning and have a fashion photo shoot of our own.

We decided to really look at contrast as our focus. The fashion objects were our clothes and we wanted to make it minimal and simple so that we had contrast with our background. We also liked to play on the inspiration that we looked like we were skipping class or had just last class early to get lost in the city of Paris.

Megan’s outfit is all white. She is wearing a shirt from Zara and a pair of white jeans similar to these from …. She also is wearing a pair of white sneakers and accessorized with white pearl earrings and a light neutral colored backpack.

For my outfit I wore my black leather jacket from Lucky Brand. Then I also wore a jumpsuit from Club Monaco and a pair of D.A.T.E. sneakers with socks in a black tight material.

We had the idea to take photos where we as opposites contrasted and as we fit with the backgrounds in the area whither that be the streets or the garden. We felt successful in our end results and were happy with our photos.


photo credit: personal photos


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