Spring Juxtaposition 

A trend that has been occurring since the winter and is moving quickly into spring wardrobes is the idea of juxtaposition and mixing different pieces that wouldn’t normally be worn together.

First is the trend of socks with heels which started in the summer and I have noticed is steadily moving into spring on the streets and in magazines. Everything from strappy heels to pumps with brightly colored socks or printed socks adding a burst of color to an outfit. It also I have noticed works really well in color blocking outfits and I have found the brighter the colors the better it looks.

Another one of these trends that started back in the winter was the t-shirt under the shirt or dress. This started with the plain white tee under the slip dress but has evolved to so much more. Now laying pieces like turtlenecks under dresses and even frilly night-time dresses are turned day time with a graphic tee underneath.

Finally the most recent juxtaposition outfit is the most dramatic to me. Bralettes over shirts. Something frist seen by celebrities and now showing up in street style is this odd combination. Kendall Jenner was seen in this look and wore a black lace bralette over a white t-shirt which is an evolution from the slip over the white tshirt. Then on fashion runways you can see how they have made this look glamorous by layering these pieces in color blocking techniques and using the same color bra as the shirt to make it less obvious.

photo credit : Pinterest



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