Markets in Marocco

In Morocco, Marrakesh especially they are known for their markets, or Souks. While on spring break spending my time there I was able to check out everything in these markets. A little background information on the markets is that they use a bartering system so you argue down the price to what you are willing to pay so everything is fairly cheap. Also they use the Dirham which is about .10 cents to 1  Euro. They also were very accepting of other currencies.

While there I got many gifts and souvenirs for myself. One item I went to Morocco wanting and was able to find was a Moroccan wedding blanket. The first day we went to a rug dealer and he showed us all the rugs and blankets handmade in Marrakesh. The wedding blankets are traditional rugs that are white and have sequins and shiny metal pieces on them with some pops of color. They were traditionally used when a women was marrying into a family and this was her gift to them. They also could be worn as capes with the two strings attached on the side.

Designers have been using these as inspiration for years. The two that come to mind first is Mara Hoffman’s collection inspired by this as well as where I interned this past summer at LoveShackFancy they pulled inspiration from these types of blankets.

Other pieces I got at the market were Harem pants for about 10 Euros. Many of the girls I was with bought pairs as well and there were many patterns and colors available. I also bought jewlerey; a few necklaces and bracelets that were made by Berber family members, which are orginal tribes in Marrakesh.


photo credit: Instagram, Mara Hoffman , personal photos 


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