One of my favorite ways to change my look is by changing my hair style! When I feel like I need a little extra something I love to mess around with my hair especially when having a bad hair day these are some easy fixes.

One of my favorite styles are baids. There are so many ways to do them from fishtailing, Dutch braids, and French braids. I love playing around and doing small ones to frame my face or doing them only halfway leaving the rest as pigtails .

The easiest of them all are buns. Its easy to throw your hair into a half bun or a low bun oon your way out the door. My favorite though is the double buns. I love putting two small half buns on the top of my head and I even add braids to this look sometimes.

Related to my previous post All Tied Up I love being able to add scarves to my hair. Below I was able to find two ways to wear scarves in your hair; one being around like a headband and another wrapping a bun up with a scarf which is a great pop of color.

Finally the final look is the slicked back pony. This has been popular with so many celeberties right now and it is so easy with the right products. First invest in a hair gel that will slick your hair back, one of my favorite is the Oribe Gel Serum. Then you just decide if you want a severe part or straight slicked back and brush your hair into a pony. I am always looking for fun and easy ways to change up my hair to help me fnish a look!



photo credit: personal photos, Instagram, Pinterest


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