Amalfi Coast

First stop on spring break – Positano, Italy. This little beach town is a place I will absolutely go back to. The shopping and weather was incredible. While here I packed a few summer pieces but really was excited to shop around in the little town. With such Italian flare I knew I would come across some of the best Italian leather and other great pieces.

The first purchase of the trip I made was a pair of handmade leather sandals. They are incredible. Perfectly molded to my foot and ready to go. I don’t know if I will ever wear another pair of my old sandals again! I went into Artigianato Rallo where my sandals were made right before my eyes. Starting by picking out the right sole size, then the color of the leather and the style of the straps, and finished with the shoes practically being made onto my foot. I had searched many of the other stores that had these handmade sandals and this store had pretty decent prices and a large selection of styles to choose from. Mine cost 65 Euros and they were worth it !

Second I went into so many shops not expecting to find anything too thrilling yet I was wrong. All of the stores seemed to carry a large selection of garments in the washed cotton material. It was very tempting to not fill my suitcase with this beach wardrobe. They had cute tops and skirts as well as pants and dresses but my absolute favorite was a jumper that was for sale at the store next to Artigianato Rallo. It was a long jumpsuit that was cream and navy vertical stripes in the washed cotton material. It was a little out of my price range but was absolutely stunning.


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