All Tied Up

One of my favorite trends right now is the neck tie. Before coming abroad it started to make an appearance in American style and when coming over to France I knew it would be popular here as well. The scarfs that I have found most versatile and fashionable are the small square silk ones. Right now at BHV they have a ton from Galleria Lafayette where I was able to purchase a few on sale.

One way to wear it is the classic ties around your neck. Easy to pair with any plain outfit adding a bit of color or detail. I have a periwinkle blue scarf that I wear often with an all black outfit.

While on spring break I also had the idea to wear it around my neck in the style of a bandana. Opened around my neck and I was actually able to pull it up to cover my face during the time I was ATVing in the desert.

Another way I have been seeing girls wear these scarves is also around their head like a thick headband. Covering most of their hair and tieing it underneath or even knotting it on the top of their head.

Finally the last idea is I have seen some of the smaller scarves tied around girls on their wrists adding a little bit of a different look. It seems more like a bracelet than a scarf but I love the idea of using these scarves as multiple accessories.


photo credit : personal, Pinterest 



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