This weekend I had the pleasure of stating in Paris for the weekend. I have been traveling every weekend since I have been in Paris and I haven’t felt like I have seen parts of the city I have wanted to. With seeing all the wonderful sights and parks of the city I want to also find some boutiques! I have been going to wear I feel comfortable to shop which includes lots of stops at Zara and BHV. Sometimes I wonder around the streets of the Marais in-between classes and can find some cute shops there but this weekend I really wanted to find some places in Saint Germain. Along with the large name super stores on some of the back streets I found some really adorable boutiques.

One of my favorites was the boutique called Allison. Their window display of cute outfits and spring colors drew me in. I have felt that many of the stores haven’t gotten in all of their spring colors yet which is what I am looking for to bring on my spring break trip. Here I found exactly what I wanted. The whole store had different bursts of colors and was even merchanized based on the colors of the garments.

They had a great section of accessories as well. When you first walked in on the right there was a shelf full of cross body bags and sandals. They all screamed vacation to me which made me realize I would find pieces in here for spring break. Then they had clutches displayed on a table in the middle of the shop which were beautiful and had beading and vibrant colors. They also had stacks of loose thin flowing scarves which are something I really want to get since I have so many scarves that are now too hot for the spring days in Paris.

Two labels that I found I gravitated towards were Rue des Abbesses and Johanna both Parisian brands. Rue des Abbesses had really great bombers and blouses in fun patterns. They had floral patterns as well as fun patterns like metallic pineapples ! Johanna I really liked the pants they had in Allison. They were a thinner pants that came in a few different colors and were very relaxed fitting. They had more of a drawstring top and had metallic trip running down the side stitching.

After browsing for a while I found out they have three locations in Paris ! I am excited to see all three and maybe find some more pieces for my spring wardrobe!


photo credit: personal photos 


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