Rain Rain Go Away

When the weather starts to get nice there are also the occasional showers that pop up. As I felt I kept getting caught unexpectedly in the rain I went and bought myself an umbrella and a rain coat.

The umbrella I found at a small store during a down pour of rain. It was your classic black last minute umbrella. Yet, I have found some pretty cute ones along the way and some of my  favorites are the ones with patterns or the completely see through.

For raincoats I wanted to spend a little bit more time looking so I could find one I could wear during a shower or just as a light coat. I also first started looking at the iconic french trench coat but realized it would be hard to travel with and pack. I ended up falling in love with the one from Zara. They have a style of their raincoat that comes in a variety of colors. It is just long enough to cover you up and protect you from the rain. Yet, I end up wearing it almost everywhere I travel and to class. It’s a nice coat as I love being able to throw it on over any of my outfits during the spring days wear there is a light breeze. Also I think I like it so much because its tan! All my other coats here are black and in the spring I think this pop of something other than black i since to wear. I also went with a more neutral color so that when it starts to get nice enough to wear dresses and rompers during the daytime I will be able to throw this overtop if it starts to shower and still look put together.

photo credit : Pinteret and personal photos 


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