Working It Out

With the weather warming up one of my favorite way to explore the city is going on a run. I have been able to see so much of the city and enjoy the warm weather by doing so. It may not be my most fashionable time of day while working out here but I do enjoy my athleisure looks. At home it is all I wear. If I am at school I wear workout clothes to class and to grab groceries even if I have no intentions of working out that day. At home it is practically the same. It is probably the most relevant street style in my home town I feel like it many people’s go to outfit. A basic athleisure look can get you to all of your errands and to the gym.

My favorite site for ordering athleisure wear is probably Fabletics. They have outfits already made up and you can buy them as a whole. This makes choosing a practical workout outfit that can get you to many different places easy.

Also at home I wear a lot of LuLuLemon. That is probably my go to store. But here I have found the store Oysho which is a great place to find some pieces for this type of look. They have everything from sports bras and leggings to shirts you can wear to workout or wear out and about.

In Paris its defiantly not as practical to wear workout clothes throughout the day but you can see some wearing pretty cute stuff running through the streets. I look forward to showing off some new purchases from Oysho during the next few warm weeks I am here.


photos: Pinterest, Oysho, Lululemon, Fabletics 



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