Jet Lag

I have been traveling nonstop since I moved to Paris. With the great experiences of traveling comes some jet lag though. I thought I was inferior to this state of exhaustion but it has hit me. With this craziness I ma excited to have some weekends back in Paris to explore the city and rest.

I have found some amazing things that have helped me keep going while I get hit with a wave of tired from my latest trip. I have now found I love for face masks. My favorites are the DR. JART+ ones that I find a Sephora. There are ones that hydrate, brighten, sooth, and jsut about everything else you would want a face mask to do. I love using one Sunday nights when I get hoem from traveling and I feel so refresehd afterwards.

I also realized how badly I needed to keep track of my weeks as they flew by. I got myself a tiny little planner to hand write everything that is going on. It is great bc I can jot down when I have school work or friends visiting or even what trip I have next!

One accessory I always bring on the plane and use at home are my Bose wireless headphones. They block out all the noise so I am able to sleep on the plane or drain out the construction near my apartment when I am trying to take a nap.

These are all great tips to try if you are feeling a little out of it from traveling. Yet, the best cure is probably a bubble bath, a good nights sleep, a venti latte in the morning.



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