While on the small island of Malta I once again found my favorite store – Zara. As I couldn’t help myself I went in and had a peak at what this store had. Even though it was pretty tiny I did notice one difference from all the other Zara’s I have been to. Lots of summer clothes! It makes sense with the gorgeous Maltese weather year round but I was expecting to see the basics that run from one Zara to the next.

There were pieces that were perfect for this beach destination. When first walking in there were rows of large straw beach bags. Next, racks of floral dresses. Perfect to wear out around the town while on a vacation. I also spotted some great shoes. Not just the average sandal but a pair of heels with macramé and pom poms. It may not have been warm enough to my likings to be laying around all day on the beach but there were definitely some beach goers while I was in Malta. For them Zara even had some bathing suits to choose from as well as great cover ups.

After spending some time shopping round these beach wear clothes it got me excited to book some more warm trips and get ready for spring break !

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