Stan Smiths

My favorite trend right now is absolutely the sneaker trend. Back at home all I ever where to class is sneakers because they are practical and still stylish. A little over a year ago Adidas made a turn around and their shoes came back in style. The classic original superstar shoe was being bought again. Girls were sporting the original black and white striped shoe. Then Adidas collaborated with Stan Smith which is where it started to blow up. With so many different color combinations and materials everyone could find themselves a pair!

The first pair I bought last year were the Stan Smith Crocodile print sneakers. I bought them right in time for my eurotrip to Barcelona, Prague, and Budapest and I wore them every single day. Now, studying in Paris they are still my go to shoe. They are easy to put on with almost anything for the perfect day shoe.

My favorite look in Paris so far is that I have found many young women are sporting kicks with their work attire. A pair of wide leg trousers and a long blazer coat paired with the Stan Smith sneakers. I also found the most popular sneakers were the Stan Smith’s with the green accent. I feel as though every Parisian has this pair in their closet.

At home I found these shoes transitioned through every season from spring, summer into winter and I have a feeling it wont end soon. I can imagine with running around in a busy city like Paris this trend with stick into the warmer days of summer but paired with dresses and skirts!

Photo credit: personal photos, Pinterest



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