Fashion Week Favorites

Bloggers, models, designers, and many others fill the streets of Paris for the past week. On my walks to class I notice many women striking a pose while I hear the rapid clicks of a camera. Or someone dressed to the tens running past you in a rush and you know they are 9/10 times “someone” that is here for Paris Fashion Week.
Below I have pulled some of my favorites of these looks. From bloggers like Aimee Song and Daniel Bernstein below are some of my favorites from their wardrobe at Paris Fashion Week. These looks are something I don’t think I could wear walking the streets of PAris as they are not practical enough for my metro ride commute or may make me a little over dressed for class. I do love pulling inspiration from these pieces though as some have some great ideas that I could make more realistic.
One of my favorites was Mary Seng’s (Happily Grey) outfit where she mixes a tropical vibe in a city of grey skies. SHe mixes a black tropical pattern with a t-shirt and leather jacket making it pop but still seem so appropriate for a day in early March. Another look I loved was Aimee Song’s (SongofStyle)  layered outfit. I was able to see her dressed in this ensemble in person and it was stunning. The layers of the dress over a bell sleeve top is something very unique and gives such a different feel. IT is also interesting how she overlaps the two prints, and one of my favorite ideas she plays with is the socks with heels.
Throughout fashion week I was able to really see some great inspiration from the streets to social media that gave me some ideas for essential pieces in my spring wardrobe.

photo credit: Instagram 



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