This past weekend in Barcelona, I decided to take advantage of the best clubs in the world. Shoko, Opium, Pacha, and Razzmatazz  was where I spend most of my day from 5pm – 5am. I hardly got any sleep – I woke up early in the mornings to check out some of the great artwork and tourist attractions. Then I would met up with my friends to head to these beach front clubs. As you can imagine I spent my tourist time in very comfortable clothes consisting of t-shirts and leggings with my leather jacket and sneakers. Then came for two more wardrobe changes for the day part spent near the beach and for these iconic clubs at night.

These clubs during the daylight turn into restaurants, which is where we spend our afternoons and early evenings. Most girls wore pretty casual outfits. The pieces I found most popular were ripped jeans and a light sweater or a t-shirt with a pair of booties or sneakers. The one day I wore a ripped gray t-shirt under my leather jacket with dark wash skinny jeans and Stan Smith Adidas sneakers.

At night the mood definitely changes. Typically I saw outfits that were a pair of jeans or a skirt with a bodysuit or some sort of crop top and a leather jacket, and you can’t forget the heels. My favorite outfit of mine from my night looks was extra high-rise pair of jeans with a black crop top with a leather jacket and black ankle strap heels.

Overerall this an exhausting weekend. When packing for Barcelona I really made sure to pack specific outfits as I knew I would be changing a lot based on the scene. It was interesting to see how girls dress up for clubs especially while they are day bars/ resturants during daylight.

photo credit: personal photos, Instagram, Pinterst 


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