Denim Days

In the past year the trend of wearing denim started to grow. After this fall it has become a necessity in everyone’s closet. While jeans and denim are a basic in every closet what is making them stand out this season is their customization. Magazines and stores are displaying a variety of jeans now from different washed and cuts. One cut I never expected to come back in style were the flare jeans. Great for a night out or a walk around town they add a statement to your outfit. It has also been trending to have vintage denim. Old is the new new. Levis have become a huge hit again and getting your hands on your mom’s old ones or your dad’s old denim jacket is like hitting the jackpot.

To make some of these denim pieces more “you” most have been getting into the trend of customizing them. One of the most popular techniques is adding patches to jackets. Even fraying and cutting your own jeans to give them a different look is an easy way to style them. Another way to add your own personal touch is by adding pins or buttons. Any of these accessories can be purchased at places like Urban Outfitters. Also embroidering and writing on jeans is a trend I have noticed making its way onto denim. Adding a fun and catchy saying to  your pants in thread or a dark sharpie in all caps has been shown off by a few of the brave.

Finally, it is the layering of the denim that has really made its way to the fashion world. Mixing a skirt with a denim jacket or a denim hat with a denim shirt is easy and stylish. When I layer my denim I like to either keep it the same exact wash or go completely opposite and do a super dark wash paired with a very light wash. Also now living in Paris I love pairing an all blakc outfit with a denim jacket. Get creative while the next few months warm up and customize some old pieces or layer a few denim items and you’ll be ready to take on this upcoming Spring’s denim days.


photo credit : personal photos


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