Swiss Style

This weekend I traveled to Interlaken Switzerland. While I didn’t have high expectations for the fashion at this destination I did realize a trend that I wouldn’t be able to find in other locations I have visited – style on the mountain. Even though I am not the most experienced snowboarder or skier I did spend a lot of time at the top of the peaks and that was when I realized the change in style from the town center to the mountain.

While on the mountain I did not expect to see so many different styles. Yet, you could see so many different colors and patterns scattered throughout the snow. Bright neon colored jackets with matching pants was the popular attire.

I personally enjoyed the accessories people had. Many girls that were at the lodge or even hanging out in town wore knitted beanies with fur puffballs on the top. While in interlaken it may not have been particularly sunny but with the reflection of the snow everyone wore reflective bright sunglasses off the slopes and bright and shiny goggles on the slopes.

While everyone seemed to be dressed  in bright colors on the mountain, when in town everyone seemed to be bundled up in black. Many puffy winter coats and most girls seemed to be wearing leggings and warm boots.When my roomates and I wanted to look a little nicer we would opt for a nicer sweater that was normally hidden under oru large winter jackets.


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