Copenhagen Style

This weekend I traveled from Paris to Denmark. While these two places were very different I did find one overlap. Fashion. I noticed many girls dressed similar to what my friends and I wear in Paris. It starts with a practical shoe – a pair of sneakers or booties. A long coat is really the main part of any outfit covering everything from the knee up in most cases. To keep extra warm most girls are wearing large scarves wrapped over their faces and tucked in their coats. Below I have attached photos of two styles I noticed.

Besides noting the street style I was also able to run into some of the stores on the main shopping street in Copenhagen. Illum was essentially like a large department store carrying tons of different brands and also high-end designers like YSL. My favorite store was Weekday. They had great basics at an even better price. They had the long coats I saw many girls sporting earlier, as well as a great variety of accessories and clothes.

If you want to rock this look its essential to stay warm and practical. Start with a simple sleek jacket. In Paris it would be black but in Copenhagen I saw variety of colors. Then bundle up in a large scarf covering what your coat can’t protect. Underneath is normally covered so I would wear a warm sweater and a pair of blue or black jeans. For shoes as I said before they seem very similar to Parisian style but I did notice girls wearing more platform and booties that were a little more chunky than what I was used to. Try a pair of Dr. Marten’s which can also be found at the Weekday.

photo credit : personal photography 


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